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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a crucial and key component of The Packaging Hub’s service offering. Since our inception we have concentrated on developing a robust and flexible supply chain capable of meeting our client’s needs to the highest industry standards.

TPH have put in place a comprehensive sourcing strategy, this includes the identification and qualifying of suitable vendors, demand management, inventory management, transportation, warehousing and compliance. This has enabled us to provide a fully outsourced supply chain solution.

We can tailor the SCM solution to support and integrate with our customer’s existing processes and business requirements. Today we operate on a global basis with a supply base capable of flexing to fulfil increased demand without compromise. This is satisfied through our near and far sourcing range of options which enable us to offer the necessary products at commercially viable prices and leadtimes, these can be tailored where necessary to give a blended solution.

We combine with DSV on supply chain issues where customers require a local solution on a project or long term basis, we can readily react to changes in our customer’s circumstances or manufacturing process to capture abnormal operating procedures.

Our SCM philosophy is based on four key principals:-

  1. Optimisation of your costs and service requirements
  2. High levels of integration with suppliers and customers
  3. Elimination of waste combined with relentless focus on cost reduction
  4. Best practice Quality Management procedures including customised and documented Service Level
    Agreements all along the supply chain

By taking advantage of our integrated solution from packaging concept design through to delivery of goods to your customers, our one stop solution offers many benefits including, improved supply chain visibility, total inventory reduction, all leading to improved customer service and supply chain reliability.

Supply Chain Management
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