WWRD (Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton) - The Complete Solution

Case Study - Waterford Crystal Packaging

Focusing a company’s attention to changes in manufacturing and the supply chain, in both the domestic and global markets, drives them to recognise that to grow; they must offer additional services to customers. Having established that the correct answer to a customer’s question; “What can you do for me?” is “Whatever you want”.

As a result of this progressive attitude, The Packaging Hub (TPH) was formed. Not to be mistaken with your ordinary packaging supplier, TPH offers unique supply chain solutions. Through the combining of packaging design, procurement skills and experience, together with vast resources in global freight management and contract logistics/fulfilment solutions, TPH offers the complete package. Recognising the benefits of TPH’s core competencies, WWRD (Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton) one of the worlds most recognised luxury brands turned to TPH as they were searching for a way to achieve supply chain management efficiencies. Becoming TPH’s principal client, WWRD requested solutions to streamline their existing packaging model. Previously, WWRD’s crystal vendors sourced their own packaging requirements, often from different suppliers. This led to inconsistency regarding colour and texture of the cartons. WWRD required uniformity, more control over the packaging process, greater transparency over costs and lead times but most importantly WWRD sought a company with the industry experience and market know-how to reform their packaging distribution.

The process begins when WWRD’s crystal vendor places orders for packaging materials, which are received through TPH’s Irish headquarters in Waterford. Orders are then placed with one of the manufacturing companies TPH work with, strategically located in the UK, mainland Europe and in China. Once the finalised product is completed and quality checked, TPH arranges collection from these locations and delivers to their distribution centre located centrally in Prague, Czech Republic. The product is then packed and shipped to the final destination as required. A key feature of TPH’s packaging model is a vast experience in fold flat design combined with magnetic closures (patent pending PCT/GB2011/052362). Rigid type constructed packaging is by its nature very expensive to deliver and store in contrast to the fold flat boxes. Fold flat products by The Packaging Hub can result in savings in shipping and warehouse costs by a factor of up to 15:1 because there is considerably less space wasted on each pallet. In essence, TPH purchases and delivers WWRD stock from the distribution centre on a Just in time basis, to the required high standards, at the agreed prices, within a very short lead time.

Case StudyEffectively, TPH’s business model integrates closely with WWRD’s, which facilitates the sharing of detailed information. According to Director John Hudson, information is the life blood of the business; “We provide customer-focused reporting to give the customers the information they need when they need it”. This supports TPH in getting better understanding of the needs of their customer, but WWRD also benefit from a quicker response time and immediate accountability. WWRD achieves all the benefits of outsourcing, but has the ability to retain sufficient visibility of the supply chain. Despite challenging times, TPH have developed an excellent global reputation and a proven track record, confident a wide variety of businesses will turn to their experienced team looking for similar supply chain management resolutions. With that in mind, John Hudson reveals: “It has been a true challenge to meet WWRD’s exacting quality, service and information demands” also adding “We have been fortunate to have such a demanding first customer as WWRD”.

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