Who We Are

The Packaging Hub is a creative and innovative packaging, supply chain and logistics supplier. The solutions we offer enable our customers to concentrate on their core activity whilst we manage production of their packaging and supply globally.

What We Do

Our packaging solutions based business works to develop and deliver multi-faceted packs that protect their products whilst they move across the globe and also enhance the products once they reach the shelves of the retailer’s.

How We Do It

We have a design team who work on innovative constructional solutions, many of which have resulted in various fold flat rigid packs and other patented products which has set us apart from many packaging manufacturers.

Years of print and finishing expertise form a major part of our company’s offering. Specialist printing, foiling and embossing applications go a long way to creating a very individual look, giving a brand a particular point of difference from its competition. We enjoy working through these various techniques to enhance a products shelf presence.

Near/Far Sourcing

Our creative nature does not stop once the packs construction and graphic designs are complete, we then go on to offer our customers the best production solution. Conscious of commercial pressures we work to reduce costs throughout the value chain. Our Near/Far sourcing model allows us to work with partners across Europe to satisfy short lead-time requirements, then once the supply chain has been proved this production can be switched to a Far East solution (if required), thus giving our customers the best commercially blended solution.

Logistics Made Easy

Worldwide logistics partner DSV allows smooth uncomplicated movement of goods across the globe. With our Hub facility situated in Prague we can receive customers primary product and convert it to retail ready finished goods for order pick, pack and distribution. We can readily distribute throughout Europe giving our customers the commercial benefit of trade compliance.

European Solutions

The recent opening of the facility in Prague now gives us greater control of our operations in Europe. Many of the products we produce end up as finished goods on the shelves of European retailers. Our customers can rely on us to manage the integrity of their brand in this highly valued market.

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